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We committed as a strategy and capital
Partner of hard-tech entrepreneur.
About ZK Capital

ZK Capital is a boutique investment bank that has long vision focus on early-stage and growth-stage investments, especially in the automotive industry chain, new energy and new materials, and intelligent manufacturing.

We leverage our accumulation of industry research to focus on finding opportunities in technological innovation and industrial revolution, and look for innovative enterprises that can lead the industry transformation. We accompany the enterprises to grow together and strive to be the strategic and capital partner of hard-tech entrepreneurs. Since 2019, ZK Capital has helped more than 10 companies execute private equity financing transactions, with a transaction amount exceeding 1 billion RMB.

Our Value
  • Capital Support
    Capital Support
  • (Industry + strategy) empowerment
    (Industry + strategy) empowerment
About ZK Capital
ZK Vision
  • Tracking Market Trends
    Tracking Market Trends
  • Focusing Industry Research
    Focusing Industry Research
  • Deep Into Innovation Technology
    Deep Into Innovation Technology
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