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Equity Financing
Equity Financing

ZK Capital tailors integrated financing solutions for entrepreneurs: we have extensive cooperation in the field of equity investment in the early stage and growth stage, especially in related fields such as the automobile industry chain, new energy, and new materials; we focus on the industry in which the company is located and conduct in-depth research, tap the company's highlights, efficiently match investment institutions that meet the needs of the company's development, accurately control the rhythm of financing, promote efficient communication between investment institutions and enterprises, and promote the completion of transactions.

  • Industry Deep Focusing
  • Industrial Resource Empowerment
  • Secretary-Style Service
  • Sorting Out Investment Highlights
  • Accelerate Deal Closing
  • Investment Terms Negotiation
  • IPO Overall Planning
Equity Financing
M&A Advisory Services
M&A Advisory Services

ZK Capital fully understands the needs of buyers and sellers. On the one hand, we communicate closely with companies to understand their M&A needs and analyze their intrinsic value. On the other hand, we update the focus and investment style of M&A funds in real time, so as to achieve the best results for both parties. At the same time, we provide both parties with support for transaction negotiation and review of relevant legal documents, participate in target due diligence, and tailor a reasonable transaction structure, accompany the negotiation and communication between customers throughout the process, shorten the transaction cycle, and achieve the final result win-win situation.

  • In-Depth Understanding of Customer Needs
  • Tailor-made Trading Plan
  • Efficiently Match Counterparties
  • Reach a Consensus to Facilitate the Transaction
  • Post-Investment Integration to Accompany Growth
M&A Advisory Services
Investment Research Services
Investment Research Services

Based on our years of industry experience and resource accumulation, ZK research team regularly tracks industry trends, systematically analyzes the industry's development stage, and has insight into the existing turning points of the industry. Discover industry solutions and put forward original and forward-looking investment ideas. Our original in-depth research method, deep cultivation of industry segments, cross-regional and cross-cycle analysis perspectives provide investors with effective value analysis and help them better identify investment opportunities in the upstream and downstream of the industry chain.

  • Market Opportunity Discovery
  • Industrial Policy Interpretation
  • Technology Path Research
  • Research and Judgment of Market Competition
  • Investment Risk Identification
  • ROI Analysis
Investment Research Services