Areas of Attention Areas of Attention
Areas of Attention
Long-term tracking of technology-led
industrial transformation opportunities

Since 2020, driven by the goal of carbon neutrality, China has entered a new era in which the entire energy system, economic structure and technological innovation system transform toward green and low-carbon. There will be many difficulties and challenges in the process of transformation, but we believe it will also bring major opportunities for hard technology investment.



Enterprises ZK Capital team is optimistic about in the long-term:


  • In the automotive industry chain, excellent enterprises that can reduce environmental pollution, improve consumers' travel and driving experience, and reduce production costs and increase efficiency
  • In the field of new energy, excellent enterprises that can improve energy efficiency and cost, and improve the structure of energy use
  • In the field of new materials, enterprises that can solve the bottleneck problem of the country, those whose products can be at the leading level in the international market in terms of performance and price, and those focus on the recycling of materials
  • In the field of advanced manufacturing, excellent enterprises with its own intellectual property rights, extremely high technical barriers and high automation in the manufacturing process to improve production efficiency